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She's 3rd brightest, but hard gal to see

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This journal is mostly filled with Twitter updates. I can't seem to be able to put my thoughts into enough words to justify a whole journal entry anymore. Sorry.

Entries that do get written tend to be friends-only, mostly just out of habit. It's not to be secretive or for any stupid or pretentious reason.

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jupiter, jupiterstar, and myjupiterstar are from the song Jupiter by Leiahdorus.
astrangemagic is from the song Strange Magic by Electric Light Orchestra. These days I feel like ELO's discography is the story of my life.

It makes me feel so sad to think what I might've had
I watch the stars, I watch the sun, now I watch for anyone
But it's only make believe

The stars still glow up in the night
But somehow they don't seem so bright
The dream is gone, the dream is just a memory
If you see my dream, send it back home to me
'Cause I've been waiting for a long, long time
Thought I'd found a way
Now I just wait for someone to call
I'm waiting for it every day
Send it on the wires
Send it on a plane
Send it on an express
But send it back to me again

A part of me died when I lost my dad in 2006, but I'm not really ready to talk or write about it yet.